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A very interesting concert will happen @ Rizzoli Bookstore of New York (1133 Broadway, Manhattan) on Saturday, April 25 2020. Stay tuned!




Nicola Corso is an international musician and teacher based in New York City. His love for diversity appears throughout his compositions—with experimental sounds and cross-pollination that blur the lines between genres. He carries decades of experience in performance and instruction, and is a current member of the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop. Born in Campobasso, Italy, Nicola first followed in his father’s footsteps by playing the trumpet. He trained in classical and orchestral studies until the day he discovered jazz. That moment was pivotal for Nicola, who felt that jazz carried depth and genre-bending aspects never heard before. At age 19, Nicola picked up the electric bass and studied with some of the most renowned teachers of his region. He became an integral member of Blue Image, a band that won competitions for emerging groups in Italy. It was the beginning of a prodigious period for him, marked by a two-year residence in London and the completion of his bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in jazz. He moved to New York City in 2015, now armed with international exposure (and an upright bass). The vibrancy of New York—with its blending and clashing of cultures—played directly into Nicola’s music. Soon, communication became a central focus. How does one create an inclusive language between diverse populations? How does music connect artist to audience? Nicola’s current project explores these questions. With a singer and 17-piece big band dubbed the “Nicola Corso Jazz Orchestra,” Crossroads is inspired by the Harlem community. It absorbs elements from the diverse populations and mixes them to the occasional point of conflict. Crossroads debuted in 2017 and continues to build an urban performance schedule. For composing and arranging, Nicola gained international prestige. He won the Carl von Ossietzky Competition in 2009, which celebrated his original composition written for ensemble (classical orchestra and big band); he was a two-time prizewinner at the Barga Jazz Festival (first in 2007 for a Kenny Wheeler dedication and then in 2012 for an original composition). He also earned honorable mention at the Ithaca College Composition Contest in 2011. Nicola holds degrees in jazz bass performance from Benevento Conservatory of Music and in jazz composition from the Conservatory of Music, L. Perosi Campobasso. His commitment to study continues, as does his fondness for teaching.

Among future aims is to record Crossroads and write new material dedicated to his father, who was his earliest musical influence. Nicola’s approach pays homage to the past while declaring his own style—the act of creative imagination coming full-circle.

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