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A very interesting concert will happen @ Rizzoli Bookstore of New York (1133 Broadway, Manhattan) on Saturday, April 25 2020. Stay tuned!

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Being a composer/arranger, Nicola has been working for several years with Sibelius® software, gathering extensive knowledge and expertise for effective digital music engraving. Apart from producing his own scores and parts, which have successfully been used at concerts and other public venues, he frequently works as a professional copyist for companies as well as private customers.

He has arranged and/or typeset many pieces for small ensembles to full orchestras and transcribed historical musical works from a state library archive into digital scores for publishing.

A case in point: shown here is Salvatore Pappalardo’s (1837-1878) original manuscript score of Gran Quintetto op.81 (Naples Conservatory S. Pietro a Majella Library - Italy).


Here you can see the digital version typeset for the first edition ever published by Carisch.

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